Exports of Cafés do Brasil, in the accumulated 12 months, from May 2022 to April of the current year, totaled a physical volume equivalent to 36.64 million 60kg bags, which generated exchange revenue of US$ 8, 44 billion, whose average unit price per bag was U$ 230.35. During this period, the highest average price recorded, US$ 243, occurred in October 2022, and the lowest, US$ 211.24, in February of the current year.

It should also be noted that, in the period now highlighted for exports of Cafés do Brasil, of the total volume mentioned of 36.64 million bags, 32.85 million bags were of green coffee, which represented 89.7% of this total, 31.47 million bags of Coffea arabica, approximately 86%, and 1.37 million bags of Coffea canephora (robusta and conilon), which represented 3.7% of the grand total. In addition, the equivalent of 3.74 million bags (10.2%) were also exported in the form of soluble coffee, in addition to 45.2 thousand bags of roasted and ground coffee, a quantity that represents around 0.1% .

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