Wood exports were strongly defended by the president of Brazil, especially at the beginning of 2019, and this ended up boosting exports of the product. Consolidated data up to July/2021 show that raw wood exports more than doubled compared to 2019. To get an idea of ​​the strong growth in these sales, exports up to July/2021 (US$ 129.5 million) have already surpassed all the year 2020 (US$ 115.8 million). Raw wood is in 106th place in the ranking of Brazilian exports and 7th when we talk about ranking in Exports of the Agricultural sector 2021 (January to July).

There are some rules when exporting wood, especially if it is raw, that is, without having been processed in Brazil (which is when the wood goes through processes, before it can be sold). The environmental rules make it clear that the only type of wood that Brazil can export in its natural form (soon after it has been cut) are the so-called "exotic woods", such as eucalyptus and pine. To export this type of wood, you only need a state authorization. However, the trunks of native trees, those natural species of the forest, are strictly prohibited from being exported.

Environmental legislation requires that this wood, after being legally cut, must be processed in Brazil. After that, it can then be sold to other countries as a product.

The Federal Government is considering allowing the export of wood in natura, but this is still in the phase of impact studies.
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